1. We require signature of the person ((i) yourself; or (ii) intended recipient in case of gifts; or (iii) any person known to you/intended recipient who is present at the time and place of delivery and accepts delivery on your behalf/intended recipient to whom products have been delivered) as acknowledgement of delivery of the products so ordered. Once we have an acknowledgment, the ownership in the products passes on to you/intended recipient.
  2. AGASHE cannot guarantee delivery of product(s) to post office box (“P. O. Box”) addresses and take no responsibility for non-delivery of orders in case the delivery address includes P. O. Box details in any part or form. If AGASHE cannot deliver products to the P. O. Box, AGASHE will inform you about non-acceptance of your order and refund the payment made by you.
  3. AGASHE shall not be liable for any delay/non-delivery of the product(s) purchased due to any reason which is beyond its reasonable control. It is therefore advisable that you place orders well in advance.
  4. AGASHE shall not be liable for any non-delivery of the product(s) purchased on account of erroneous details provided by you to AGASHE such as wrong recipient name, recipient address or contact number, etc.
  5. If the product is returned to AGASHE as undelivered due to wrong address, AGASHE shall be entitled to extra cost for resending the product(s) to the correct address. The extra cost towards re-delivery shall be paid upfront by you and the delivery time shall be extended.
  6. With respect to refund of any payment by AGASHE under Section 9(b), AGASHE will give necessary instructions to the payment gateway within 5 working days. It is pertinent to note that the payment gateways may take upto a month to credit such amount to your account.